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October 28, 2009

We received a note from a fashionista in help this morning (who may or may not be one of our blog writers), and Jenny, our fashion expert, came to the rescue!

Super important question!

OK, so I went to Express yesterday, I saw this 1980’s inspired blazer, you know the kind where you are supposed to roll up the sleeves and sport a fun tank underneath or some other casual blouse…ew…I just said blouse…


 At any rate, I thought this was supposed to be a trend this fall or winter, but there were a ton on super clearance, so I decided not to get one.  What happened Jenny?  Is this a fashion do or a don’t?

Thank goodness Antz only employees the best bloggers, because Jenny had these pearls of wisdom to share with our fashionista!

I think with any blazer, its how you pair it that makes it fashionable.  With the right under shirt or blouse (and it’s ok to say blouse! I say it. That’s just what they are called), or even a turtle neck! I think you can make any blazer look good.  Especially with a pair of (gasp!) tight jeans!!!


I think you are looking at this particular situation all wrong.  So what if these blazers aren’t selling well and they had to put them all on super clearance.  You know what I think that means?? That if you buy one, you will be the ONLY person with one and therefore a fashion icon! Just get one for yourself, work it and work it gooooood girl.

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