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Birthday Cake Woes

October 27, 2009

I am concerned.  Apparently, and who knows if this has any credibility, Angelina Jolie made Sandra Lee’s, of Food Network fame, semi-homemade, no bake birthday cake

No Bake Cake

I am concerned because, well, birthday cakes are supposed to be more than this!  You basically buy two ready made cakes at your grocery store, then find some themed cookies and slap them on there with icing. 

Come one people!  What happened to the days of yore when mom used to make homemade buttercream frosting with trans fats out the ying yang?  Or who worked tirelessly to create a homemade ice cream cake for your brother, even though your refined palette at the age of 10 wanted so much more?

Kudos for allegedly putting in some effort, but I expect more!  I am looking at you Jolie!

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