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Gift Guide: For the Cook/Baker

December 11, 2009

Make sure you get your online Christmas shopping done ASAP!  It seems the last day most big internet companies can guarantee Christmas shipment is for orders placed today or this weekend.

If you’re still scrambling for ideas for the cook or baker in your house, here are a few of my favorite things at a variety of price points!

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

This little guy is great for spraying pans, coating bread with a light sheen of olive oil and for creating tons of low-fat dishes.  It retails for $9.99, but I would suggest getting it at Bed Bath & Beyond because you can use their 20% coupons.

A "succulent" Anthropologie potholder

I love Anthropologie’s potholder designs, but if you are a practical Sally like me, you know I would never buy myself a $12 oven mitt.  So go ahead and splurge on your favorite cook and get them something they may not buy themselves!


Need to grate lemon peel?  No problem!  Want some fresh parmesean on your pasta?  Done!  This microplane is a time saver for sure.  This particular model retails for $14, but you can find a variety of these at different price points.  I believe the Target version is $5-8.

Flat Cookie Sheets

You can’t beat a cookie sheet that actually lies flat and stays put!  I found these at Cooking Light for $50 for 3.  An Antz exclusive tip: you can find these cookie sheets at Home Goods for a lot cheaper.

What's Cooking? Recipe Tin

While I love me some Martha Stewart (her recipe box is simple and chic), this little guy definitely appeals to my fun and whimsical side!  You can find this tin online at Fred Flare for $17.95

What other gadgets have you found?  Happy shopping!

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