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Getting Cozy: Slippers

December 9, 2009

Slippers, they’re not just for your grandparents anymore!  Designers are coming up with some super cute designs to keep your toes warm and fashionable this winter.  By the way, if Santa is reading this, I would take any of them!

Loft Jeweled Slipper

Ann Taylor loft gives us two dressy options, because really, every girl needs a jeweled slipper, you know, just in case Zac Efron drops by for a cup of sugar or something. Loft Jeweled Slipper, $24.50

Ann Taylor Loft, Crushed Berry Slipper

Annie gives us a ruffled option, because where would we be this year without ruffles on everything?!  Check out the crushed berry slipper above for $24.50

French Press Knits, Mary Janes

If you’re looking for something that resembles your favorite pair of Mary Janes, then I would suggest this felt Etsy buy by French Press Knits for $65

For the bargain hunter, check out Target’s $5.99 purple button slippers.

If you’re looking for something that will keep not only your feet but your calves warm, as well, look no further than the Gap knit boot for $29.50! So cute!

From our Etsy friends, we found this cute moccasin pattern for $7.95 from Natalya’s 1950’s shop. If you are feeling crafty and want to put your knitting skills to the test, I know any mom, aunt or sibling would love a homemade gift as thoughtful as this!

Kate Spade

Last, but certainly not least, Kate Spade gives us her take on ruffles for $60.  I really love the arrangement here.

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