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We’re So Right: Fall and Winter Trends

November 17, 2009

As we reported earlier, traditional scarves are out and infinity or large cowl neck sweater scarves are in! As one of our devoted fans, Michelle, pointed out,  Daily Candy highlighted some infinity sweaters from Spatters & Jayne, but they weren’t quite quick enough to spot the trend before us (and blogger Brianne, and Oprah).

Other places you can find this trend:

Our Core

Our Core, Etsy Shop (seller based in Chicago!), check out her raspberry scarf for $15.

The Limited

The Limited, this scarf was highlighted on Oprah and retails for $39.50

Macy’s and other big stores are also carrying them.  I am sure tons of smaller boutiques will offer a wide variety of the fashionable knits in different colors and patterns, but beware of their price tag.  It seems the average price is $30, but some stores are marking them up.

Happy shopping!

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