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Hot Look: Infinity Sweaters

November 3, 2009

Want an instant cowl neck where ever you go?  Let me introduce you to the infinity scarf!  Brianne Sanchez first brought this look to my attention with her post on a Des Moines artist, Jen Geigley.  Then Oprah totally copied Brianne by doing a shoes, hand bag and scarf episode yesterday and, of course, she said the infinity scarf was a must have.   I feel it’s safe to say that Brianne had a leg up on Oprah, and I hope she’ll remember me when she’s famous!

Back to Jen Geigley.  She offers a full blown cowl neck scarf, but if that look seems to be a bit much for you, she also offers a small version for $25 (pictured below).


If you’re looking for something chunkier, check out her full-blown cowl neck scarf for $35.  I love that she shows us that you can also wear it as a hood!


If you’re in Des Moines, it sounds like her scarves are going to be available at the Ephemera stationary store.  Have you supported a local artist today?


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