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Meet the Girls!

October 6, 2009

Welcome to our first post! We are excited to share with you our take on fitness, fashion and food! Each of us brings our own expertise to the field, and while we are “experts” in one field, we may occasionally cross over and write about another topic too!

Sara, Jenny and Christa became quick friends after working together in Chicago, and after Christa moved away Sara and Jenny were left to try to move on. Although they are separated by a mere 1000 miles, they can still share their stories with each other and now with you. Below are the bios that each of them wrote about one another. So let’s meet these blogging babes:

Sara, as written by Jenny


Meet Sara. This all-American girl leads an incredibly healthy lifestyle, and it totally shows! Her glowing face is never without a smile and her cheerfulness easily rubs off on anyone she meets. Sara is the definition of fit and fabulous! Whether it’s yoga, spinning class or hitting the weights, Sara knows how to keep herself looking and feeling good.

Sara was Christa’s motivation to join a gym herself and what a great gym partner she was! Jenny loves turning to Sara for advice on eating healthy and work-out tips. She is a wonderful source of inspiration for all girls!

Jenny, as written by Christa


Meet Jenny, she is equal parts fashion forward and hilarious with a dash of sass! Jenny is the new “it” girl out and about in Chicago! Just ask any French man you pass, they’ll tell you Jenny is tres magnifique!

Jenny made her fashion mark on Sara and I when she first came to work sporting the cutest combinations from boutique stores in London while adding her own personal flair. I have no doubt that Jenny will change your life with her fashion deals and steals.

Christa, as written by Sara


Meet Christa, the most beautiful, smartest and wittiest cook you will ever meet. Learn how to make anything from cake lolipops to a romantic dinner with her skills. And while she bakes she will make you laugh hysterically as well as listen to your deepest secret. She is a well rounded gem that can turn the slightest head with her good looks and the smell of her homemade goodies.

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